our wine

Here is our wine: the red wine, with an intense color and robust flavor and firm; the white wine has a straw color and his flavor is sweet. The geographical locations, the altitudes, the purity of the earth which emerge from our vines, the variety of grapes used, come together to give this stamp and fragrance to our wine.

Our honey

The owner is an experienced and certified apicultrice, she will introduce you to some of the secrets of the trade.You will find many varieties of honey: the classic millefiori, the wood, chestnut, acacia, and finally the most lovable, honeydew! You can buy all our products directly from the farm..

Our oil

Could be almost superfluous to settle the beauty of color and the quality of Tuscan oil; our oil is fully deserves all the best attributes: come and visit us and check with a taste!

Our jam

Plums, peaches, pears ... here are some of the jams expertly prepared by mother Martha, with love, skill, taste and dedication.